Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Scalp Elasticity for strip hair transplants

When making the decision to have a hair transplant the elasticity of the scalp is essential to be able to extract more grafts = more hair and also to allow for easier healing.

A normal strip hair transplant will extract up to 2, 5cm wide strip if the elasticity is good, with poor elasticity this might be only half of that meaning that the surgeon will only be able to extract half of the hair he would if the elasticity would be better.

When doing scalp elasticity exercises you grasp your hands at the back of the scalp and move it up and down for at least 10 minutes one to two times a day, do the same for the sites just above the ears with one hand on each side, really feel the scalp move when doing this.

Here is a good video that shows you how to do this from the experts at Vinci Hair Clinic

Scalp elasticity exercises for a hair transplant video